Tech for Allergies

I'm not sure a suit is the right "wearable tech", but you get the point.

I'm not sure a suit is the right "wearable tech", but you get the point.


I don't carry an Epi-Pen, even though I should....

It's too big. I don't always have a purse. I forget. The excuses are endless. I started daydreaming about something that I could wear in the summer months and forget about...until I ran into a stray bee.

This is how I first began to think about wearable for allergies. It soon developed into a full-fledged research project. In the next few years, I'll be doing fieldwork with patients, scientists, entrepreneurs, and beta-testers of cutting-edge devices aimed at preventing an allergy attack, an asthma attack, or anaphylaxis. 

These are just some of the questions at the center of my latest academic research project:

How do these devices change the way allergy patients feel about their environments? How do the people developing them think about the relationship between their tech, their users, and the world? Will these wearables reduce the stigma and fear that come along with having moderate to severe allergies?

If you're interested in talking to me about wearables or mobile apps that you use for your own allergies, please fill out this survey on allergy and leave your email address in the comment box. I'd love to talk tech with you!